Accounting of Projects funded by EU funds

Accounting of Projects funded by EU funds

In order to obtain support from the European Commission or national funding bodies, high quality accounting services are required. Our experts have extensive experience in accounting for EU funds and subsidies. Our employees are constantly improving their knowledge in the areas of accounting for funding programs.


Accounting services provided by us will help you in making economic decisions, creating sets of financial statements or other required templates.

Payroll Accounting

Long-term experience with both large and one-person companies allows us to offer high-quality payroll services to each client while ensuring efficient work results and timely information.

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

We provide services of composing of financial statements that reflect actual data for the financial year.

Tax Reporting

The always-changing tax base is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies are trying to achieve more at lower costs, manage their finances effectively, however, the constant change of the legal basis requires much time for knowledge update and less time is left for achieving strategical goals. By entrusting our specialists with tax reporting, you can sleep peacefully at night and be assured that your company‘s taxes are managed by professionals in your area, not only helping to enforce the law, but also effectively planning your company‘s taxes.

Services of Chief Financial Officer

We provide services of financial planning, financial risk management, cash-flow management, financial reporting and other services of financial management.

Accounting Consultancy

We consult our clients on all relevant accounting topics.

Geography of Services

We have customers from
more than 15 countries in 3 different continents.

We are constantly expanding our partner network abroad
thus ensuring high-quality services to our customers
not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries of the world.

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