Audit of Financial Statements

Audit of Financial Statements

Audit of Financial Statements is an independent review of the financial statements or consolidated financial statements of an entity, institution or organization. Audit includes the presentation of a statement indicating whether the financial statements (consolidated financial statements) present, in all material respects, the financial position, performance and cash flows of the entity.

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Review of Financial Statements

The purpose of reviewing the financial statements is, based on procedures that do not provide all the evidence that would be necessary for an audit, to make it possible for the auditor to give his / her opinion on whether anything was noticed which would cause the auditor to believe that the financial statements have not been prepared in all material respects to the prescribed financial reporting framework (negative assurance).

The review presents auditor‘s opinion on whether during the procedure there were any circumstances that might suggest that the annual financial statements do not accurately reflect the financial position, performance and cash flows of the entity.

Agreed-upon Procedures

By undertaking the agreed procedures, the auditor undertakes to perform those audit-type procedures that were agreed between the auditor and the company and to report on the factual observations. Recipients must draw their own conclusions based on the auditor's report. The report is available only for the parties that have agreed on the procedures. Other parties, without knowing the reasons for the procedures, may misunderstand the results of certain agreed procedures.

Assessment of Reorganization Conditions

We provide a high quality assessment of the reorganization conditions, determine the reliability of the methods of calculating the share exchange ratio, the credibility of determining the true value of the company and so on.

Performance Audit

Performance audit is a systematic analysis of the economy, efficiency, effectiveness of private, state-owned enterprises, public institutions, or other legal persons and the preparation of proposals on how to improve these criteria. Performance Audit focuses primarily on performance evaluation in order to enhance the performance of businesses or organizations and the functionality needed to achieve their goals.

Internal Audit

Our certified auditors and other employees of the audit department will provide you with the highest quality of internal audit services: systematic and thorough evaluation of your company's risk management and internal control, helping you achieve the goals of your company or its subsidiaries.

Audit of EU Projects

The services of competent auditors are required in order to obtain support from the European Commission or from the national funding institutions. Our experts have extensive experience in auditing EU funds and subsidies and are constantly improving their knowledge and skills in the field of program funding auditing.

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