We provide companies establishment and liquidation, reorganization and restructuring of companies, company due diligence, financial management, business planning and budgeting, GDPR implementation and document preparation, training, office administration and resource management, other consulting services.

Establishment and Liquidation of Companies

After analyzing your needs we will help you to decide which form of business best suits your needs. Once this is done, we will take care of the establishment of the company. We also provide liquidation services for companies.

Reorganization and Restructuring of Companies

We will help you to reorganize (reshape) a company of poor financial situation that you want to rescue. "AUDIFINA" consultants will assist you in reorganizing asset and liability values, as well as in negotiation with creditors to create a mutually beneficial conditions to return funds.

Company pre-Acquisition Valuation (due diligence)

We will carry out a detailed financial analysis of the company and determine whether the financial data provided by the company correspond to the actual situation.

Financial Management

When consulting your company in financial management, we will pay special attention to your company's financial indicators, equity and debt values. By relying on their long-term experience, our consultants will help you to answer questions about what kind of capital your company needs to get in order to fund the company's assets, how to increase company‘s value for all the shareholders, and so on. "AUDIFINA" specialists will also help you effectively manage the allocation of funds so that your company can achieve its goals.

Business Plans, Budgeting

We will help you prepare a high quality business plan that will allow you to get a loan or attract investment to start your business.

GDPR Implementation, Document Preparation

We will help you cope with the challenges caused by General Data Protection Regulation which entered into force on 25th May, 2018.


We provide training on your preferred topics in the areas of auditing, accounting, taxation and consulting.

Office Administration, Resource Management

If your company does not have an employee responsible for managing the office, entrust this task to us. The administrator assigned to you will take care of everything: financial planning, internal accounting and bills, staff related activities, etc.

Geography of Services

We have customers from
more than 15 countries in 3 different continents.

We are constantly expanding our partner network abroad
thus ensuring high-quality services to our customers
not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries of the world.

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