Our team

We act as a team of experienced professionals dedicated to increasing the resilience of your business or activities in response to the changing market conditions. In providing our services, we place a great deal of attention on the sustainable development of organisations, aimed at ensuring business health and efficiency.
The approach to growth, for both us and our clients, is to sustain long-term business success. Our team believes that this approach also underpins the entire journey of a sustainable business, with a seamless journey occurring when all the risks are assessed and properly addressed.
Our professional expertise, energy and a great sense of responsibility are what enable us to provide unique benefits to our clients. In our vision, we see our clients’ businesses as well-oiled machines which must be arranged, kept free of faults and run smoothly until the client achieves their set objectives.

Our management team

" alt="Jolanta Ruzgienė" width="398" height="281">
Jolanta Ruzgienė
Managing Partner
" alt="Gediminas Vaskela" width="398" height="281">
Gediminas Vaskela
" alt="Rimgaudas Pazniokas" width="398" height="281">
Rimgaudas Pazniokas
Aleksas Jonika" alt="Aleksas Jonika" width="398" height="281">
Aleksas Jonika
Head of Audit Division
" alt="Renata Paserpskienė" width="398" height="281">
Renata Paserpskienė
Head of Accounting Division
" alt="Olga Boguševičienė " width="398" height="281">
Olga Boguševičienė
Head of Consulting Division
" alt="Roberta Krivičienė" width="398" height="281">
Roberta Krivičienė
Auditor - Head of Audit Team
" alt="Vidmantas Satkus" width="398" height="281">
Vidmantas Satkus
Auditor - Head of Audit Team
Jurgita Matulaitienė" alt="Jurgita Matulaitienė" width="398" height="281">
Jurgita Matulaitienė
Auditor - Head of Audit Team
Daiva Dėdinienė" alt="Daiva Dėdinienė " width="398" height="281">
Daiva Dėdinienė
Sustainability Expert - Project Manager
" alt="Milda Ašmontaitė-Sorė" width="398" height="281">
Milda Ašmontaitė-Sorė
Head of Administration - Compliance Specialist