Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting is one of the high-quality services provided by Audifina on the basis of our long-term experience with both large and one-person companies. We are able to offer high-quality payroll services to each client based on the chosen remuneration systems, while ensuring efficient work results and the delivery of timely information.

Our payroll accounting portfolio includes the following services:

  • Salary calculations
  • Preparation of salary payment orders for electronic banking
  • Confidential e-mailing of pay slips to employees
  • Accounting for vacation accruals
  • Accounting for payroll-related taxes and filing
  • Internal payroll statements according to the client’s request
  • Payroll costs, liabilities, vacation accruals data transfer to the accounting software
  • Regular communication to the client about changes in the remuneration related laws
  • Consultations on payroll accounting matters
  • Expedited communication
  • Bookkeeping

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

  • Preparation of Tax Returns

  • Services of the Chief accountant

  • Accounting Advisory Services

  • Accounting of EU-Funded Projects

  • Integration with the Client’s Accounting System

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Jolanta Ruzgienė
Jolanta Ruzgienė
Managing Partner
Renata Paserpskienė
Renata Paserpskienė
Head of Accounting Division