Reorganisation and Restructuring of Companies

We help to create the most effective business structure that ensures the proper management of your business risks and a guaranteed return for the owners. These results can be achieved through the reorganisation of companies by separations, mergers, affiliations and redistributions. Our consultants have significant expertise in reorganising businesses in various fields (logistics, construction, medicine, woodworking, metalworking, IT services, etc.), and they are ready to offer the optimal solutions for your business.

  • Establishment and Liquidation of Companies

  • Tax and Financial Due Diligence

  • Services of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Business Plans and Budgeting

  • Trustee Services

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Rimgaudas Pazniokas
Rimgaudas Pazniokas
Olga Boguševičienė
Olga Boguševičienė
Head of Consulting Division