Establishment and Liquidation of Companies

Our assistance in establishing a company can provide valuable input in achieving not only the effective management of the company’s finances, but also the efficiency of the business as a whole. After analysing your business concept, vision and other important circumstances, we will help you to decide which form of business best suits your needs. We will arrange the establishment of the entity, whether you are in Lithuania or abroad. If your company is no longer commercially active, we will provide liquidation services. When necessary, we’ll represent the interests of our client until the company is deregistered from the Register of Legal Entities.

  • Reorganisation and Restructuring of Companies

  • Tax and Financial Due Diligence

  • Services of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Business Plans and Budgeting

  • Trustee Services

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Rimgaudas Pazniokas
Rimgaudas Pazniokas
Olga Boguševičienė
Olga Boguševičienė
Head of Consulting Division